Gallery Available Works by Ahn-Hia-Ohm
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"They Race Toward The Enemies"
20x24 Acrylic on Canvas
"For Their Love They Gave Their Finest"
36x36 Acrylic on Canvas
"The Power of The Buffalo Horse" SOLD
20x30 Acrylic on Canvas
"They Ride The Beat of The Thunder" SOLD
34x64 Acrylic on Canvas
"Their Mother's Pride" SOLD
20x24 Acrylic on Canvas
"The Gathering"
22x30 Watercolor
"Running With The Wind"
22x30 Watercolor
"Chasing the Thunder"
11x15 Watercolor
"Rider's In The Sky"
11x15 Watercolor
"The Women's Star Dance"
11x15 Watercolor
"Horn's of Thunder"
5x7 Watercolor
"Opening Camp"
5x7 Watercolor
"Round Dance"
4x4 Watercolor
"They Play House"
4x6 Watercolor
"The Best of Times"
5x6 Watercolor
Acrylic on Canvas
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"The Return"
48x72 Mixed Medium, Acrylic on Canvas